Who we are

Montelur S.A. is a Uruguayan concern leader in the manufacturing of high quality thermoplastic compositions for the industry. Bearing more than 15 years of trajectory is, at present, the major manufacturer of thermoplastic compositions in South America.

What we do

Strict quality controls, permanent training of the staff and the constant investment in high technology equipment, have permitted the company to occupy a privileged place in the continental market, supplying raw materials with added value of highest quality to industries of the most different fields in highly exigent markets, such as Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and practically all the countries of Latin America.

How we do it

A modern and highly professional management have lead Montelur S.A. to become in a dynamic and open to the future concern, with a clear vocation oriented to the customer and a service able to be adapted to the specific necessities of the most different industrial fields.

In that sense, presence in the most several sectors of the market have made Montelur S.A. to be a concern with a deep and large knowledge of the necessities and requirements of each sector.

Where we are located

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As a part of the development of Montelur S.A., in the year of 2005, Prisma Ltda. has been created in Brazil, oriented to the manufacturing of specialized thermoplastic compositions, bearing a last generation Italian technology.

Starting of Prisma Ltda., has raised the capacity to give an answer to the requirement of high technological specialization products, placing us in the vanguard in the field of the production of industrial goods.

The solutions offered by Montelur S.A. and Prisma Ltda., the quality controls, the continuous supervision of all production and service processes, a management system oriented to the continuous improvement and to the satisfaction of the clients, have allowed both concerns to build real partnership relations with their clients, based in the confidence and in the fulfillment in time and way of all and each one of our commercial transactions.

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